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Apartments for rent to 450$
Elite app. for rent from 500$
House for rent to 950$
Villa for rent from 1000$
Office for rent
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  • If you press on the heading of the element (ex.: Quantity of the rooms), you can sort selected options by the increase or decrease in a suitable filed.
  • For registration of the rent application,, mark suitable options on the current page in the column "@", then press "To add" make the same operation on the other pages, after press "Register" and fill in the application.
    The price, and presence of an object can be changed without any preliminary notice.
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11635 3 Elitka 3 9 Yes 3 600 60 Isanova Bokonbayeva - yes yes Machine
738 4 Individ. Brick 2 5 Yes 1 600 70 Umetalieva Toktogula st. - yes TV+ AlaTV Machine

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